Acid Reflux Surgery

Which surgical procedure is best for me?

There are 3 main anti-reflux procedures and when performed by our team of specialist surgeons, they can all deliver excellent outcomes. It is expected that 95% of reflux surgery patients will experience a significant improvement in their acid reflux symptoms.

In the table below you will see a comparison between LINX, fundoplication, and gastric bypass surgery, and the effects that they each have on acid reflux symptoms. The table also shows recovery times, side effects, and other considerations to take into account.

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Fundoplication  LINX Bypass
Acid reflux symptom resolution 90%+ 90%+ 95%+
Speed of recovery 1-2 week  2-3 days 2 weeks
Return to normal diet 4 weeks  Immediate  4 weeks
Long term outcomes   Known Unknown Known
Gas bloating? Often No No
MRI scanning Yes Limited Yes
Will it need to be redone? In about 10% of cases No No
Large Barrett’s segment Yes No Yes
Hiatus hernia Yes Yes Yes
Reversible With difficulty Yes Yes
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