LINX Reflux Surgery Success Stories

Lewis Tyler - the first patient in the UK to have LINX reflux surgeryLewis Tyler
First UK patient to undergo breakthrough LINX™ Reflux Surgery

Lewis, 28 from Ashford Middlesex had suffered with reflux for many years. He was the first person in the UK to have the ground breaking LINX™ surgery, and he is delighted with the results. “I had great treatment from all the staff and am doing very well so far”

Other patient testimonials
Patient SD:
”It is now 2 weeks since I had the LINX™ procedure and so far I’m doing really well. I have received excellent treatment, care and support from all the staff and medical team at The Reflux Centre. For the first time in years, I am able to sleep at night without being woken by the discomfort of reflux. I am delighted I went ahead with the procedure and would most definitely recommend it to others whose symptoms are not sufficiently controlled by medication. Many thanks for all your help in arranging the procedure for me and for your liaisons with my medical insurance company.”

Patient BG: “The LINX™ has helped a lot, and is a damn sight better than fundoplication. However, the MRI scan problem is not insignificant; it means there are a lot of potential conditions which cannot be adequately investigated without running the risk of reversing the polarity on the LINX™. I would gladly recommend the op to waiverers, but I could not, in conscience, offer any quotable endorsement without referring to this issue in any remarks I made.
Note: Since patient BG provided their feedback, there have been developments in MRI scanning. Read more

Patient BT: “The LINX™ has very much helped me from day one. I have no GERD symptoms and I feel a lot better now that I can eat whatever I want. I am still getting a bit of dysphagia, but not as much now and I am not taking any medication at all for GERD. I feel in control, and I can now focus on other things without the constant worry of GERD and its symptoms. I’m very pleased I chose LINX™ and would recommend it to anyone with severe, life affecting symptoms as I had.”

Patient IB: “Before I had the LINX procedure I suffered from a sore throat and breathing problems for a number of years which greatly restricted my general lifestyle, but since the LINX I haven’t looked back as I’m medication free and my life is back to normal again”

Patient DM: I couldn’t be happier with this device, I can now eat and drink anything and I never suffer with reflux symptoms ever. I stopped taking medication almost immediately and with the experience I’ve had don’t hesitate in recommending this procedure to others. The only down side is the short period of dysphagia but it only lasts a few weeks and only involves, I found, cold meats and/or bread. Pastry, crisps, crackling, spicy food, beer and wine used to be on the forbidden list but I can now enjoy them all !”

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