Private Medical Insurance

At the Reflux Centre we welcome insured patients. It is important to establish the extent of cover at outset in order to avoid any surprises or disappointment later in the process. Please therefore follow the 3 steps we have set out below.

With regard to LINX™, a new insurance code was created recently to cover it, G2332 – laparoscopic anti-reflux procedure involving magnetic device. Our experience has been however that some insurers are not reimbursing the procedure in full. Patients having or wanting to have LINX™ surgery should check first with their insurer that the procedure is covered and also how much of the procedure fee will be reimbursed. In some cases, depending on the insurer and the extent of the policy cover, the patient may be required to meet part of the surgery fee.

The fundoplication procedure has been covered for many years under code G2331.

Scheduling an appointment with one of our surgeons if you are insured

  1. Call your insurer to check if you’re covered and the extent of the cover. Specifically, check the extent of reimbursement for:
    • Consultation
    • Diagnostic tests, e.g. endoscopy, if needed
    • LINX or fundoplication procedure
  2. Call (0121 693 4488) or email ( to arrange your consultation
  3. Request a letter of referral from your GP addressed to Mr R Singhal FRCS, The Reflux Centre, 3 Vicarage Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3ES (NOTE: Please ask for the GP referral letter to be addressed to Mr Singhal even if your consultation is scheduled with another surgeon or in another location)


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