Diagnostic tests for acid reflux

Acid Reflux TestingThe use of PPI’s to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux has doubled in recent years, with over 8 million prescriptions written every year, but very few people are tested to objectively confirm their reflux diagnosis.

In our experience, over half of the patients who have acid reflux tests are found not to have pathological acid reflux disease at all. But rather than reaching a dead end to your diagnosis, the test results usually provide a pointer to the real cause of your symptoms and can help to refocus therapy to treat you more effectively.

We strongly encourage patients being treated for acid reflux with PPI’s, especially those with atypical symptoms often described as LPR, to undergo testing. The following tests measure the patient’s acid exposure versus the norm, highlight a link between symptoms and reflux episodes, and measure pressure at different points in the oesophagus.

Gastroscopy 24 pH Test / impedance Oesophageal manometry

If you would like to arrange your tests privately, either through medical insurance or self-funding, we can arrange them quickly at our test centres in London, Manchester and Birmingham. It is usually possible to arrange an appointment at a week’s notice and complete your tests, and report the results, within 10 days.

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Testing for eligibility for acid reflux surgery

Current guidelines state we need to review recent gastroscopy and oesophageal manometry results before confirming a patient’s eligibility for anti-reflux surgery. These tests are all important in assessing how successful a reflux surgery procedure is likely to be. There are instances, however, where both tests are not required, for example if a patient has Barrett’s oesophagus we would not need a pH test to prove the presence of reflux disease. Each individual case will be assessed and managed accordingly.

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