Is LINX Reflux Surgery for me?

Linx device by Torax MedicalThe LINX™ device has been designed to support the body’s natural barriers in preventing Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD, also known as GERD). Made from a series of titanium beads, each with a magnetic core, it can be fitted in less than an hour, and offers a simple alternative to more invasive surgery. If you suffer with GORD and answer yes to three or more of these questions then the new LINX™ Reflux Management System may be suitable for you.

  • Have you been diagnosed with chronic GORD?
  • Have you been prescribed medication either now or in the past but still experience the symptoms of GORD?
  • Would you describe GORD as having a significant impact on your quality of life?
  • Have you had an endoscopy?

Answer yes to 3 or more? You are most likely eligible for the LINX™ procedure. Complete a more detailed eligibility questionnaire
Answer yes to less than 3?
Read about the symptoms and treatment options for GORD on NHS Choices at

Latest developments

The Reflux Centre was the first site in the UK to implant the LINX™ device and did so with exclusivity throughout 2011. Since launch there have been a number of important changes in respect of patient selection criteria.  Here’s a brief summary:

  • Patients with a hiatus hernia that is 3cm or smaller on endoscopy routinely have the procedure and enjoy good results
  • MRI testing – MRI is contraindicated but Torax Medical is exploring the potential for this to be permitted at lower level TESLA in the future.
  • Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) – We are occasionally asked whether LINX™ is an effective treatment for LPR in the same way it is for conventional reflux disease/symptoms. The answer is yes and we have a number of successful LPR patients who are now symptom free and off medication.
  • Patients who have previously undergone fundoplication surgery – tests are to be undertaken to study the possibility of implantation of the LINX™ device in patients where fundoplication surgery has not delivered satisfactory results. Further updates will follow but it is unlikely that the eligibility criteria for LINX™ device will include fundoplication patients in the very near future.

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