Specialists in Reflux Surgery

Would reflux surgery benefit you?
1 in 5 of the UK population suffers with symptoms such as heartburn, bloating, nausea and pain on swallowing. If you are dissatisfied with your reflux treatment and feel it’s time to explore a surgical solution, we can help. The Reflux Centre is a private practice that specialises in reflux surgery and together with our nationwide team of specialist surgeons we will advise whether you might benefit from surgery and, if so, which procedure would be best for you.

Our diagnosis and assessment is based on your medical history and symptoms you describe. If we establish that a surgical procedure may be of benefit, we would require a recent endoscopy report and manometry study. These tests will help us confidently determine whether a procedure will be successful. We do NOT routinely use 24hr PH testing.


Your surgical options
There are 3 main anti-reflux procedures. They all offer excellent outcomes when performed by our team of specialist surgeons with 95% of patients expected to experience a significant improvement in their reflux symptoms.

fundo-thumbLaparoscopic Fundoplication
A very well established procedure that is the standard anti reflux procedure used in the NHS. Outcomes are very good. This procedure involves wrapping the stomach around the oesophagus to create a one way valve.
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A less invasive procedure than fundoplication which involves placing a ‘bracelet’ of magnetised titaniuim beads around the oesophagus to prevent the lower oesophageal sphincter relaxing and opening when it shouldn’t.
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bypass-thumbGastric Bypass
For patients with chronic reflux disease and a BMI above 35, the gastric bypass offers a solution to both problems. It is the most invasive procedure and its long term implications need to be fully understood, but for the right patients it is a good option.
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